82nd UP Police Raising Day

82nd UP Police Raising Day

Participation in the 82nd Raising Day of UP Police Telecom Department was a landmark event for Precision Electronics Limited (PEL). This annual celebration, commemorating the establishment of the Telecom Department of the Police Force, gathered key leaders and professionals from the law enforcement and telecommunications sectors.

At this prestigious event, PEL showcased its solutions in telecommunications and security technology. Our booth served as a dynamic platform to demonstrate the latest advancements and innovations, underscoring PEL commitment to supporting the technological needs of law enforcement agencies in Uttar Pradesh.

We were graced by the honored presence of Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath, his visit to our stall added an extra layer of significance to the occasion. The Chief Minister's interest and engagement highlighted the importance of PEL contributions to advancing telecommunications and security solutions for law enforcement in the state.

Collaborating with strategic partners, PEL presented a diverse range of telecommunications solutions, including cutting-edge communication systems, surveillance technologies, and integrated solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the UP Police. The positive interactions with officials, professionals, and decision-makers from the UP Police Telecom Department further affirmed the relevance and impact of PEL offerings in the realm of law enforcement technology.

As we celebrated the 82nd Raising Day of UP Police, PEL remains committed to being a steadfast partner in the growth and modernization of communication and security infrastructure.