Telescopic Masts


Push-Up Drive on Mount Masts

PEL’s Anju Series of Push up Mast is a portable mast that can be easily carried as manpack or loadedin the trunk of a small to mid-sized vehicle. It can be deployed using a light weight Tripod or as drive-on-frame system. Push up masts can be extended to a full height of 11 metres within a few minutes…


Winch Masts

PEL’s Yogesh Series of Winch Masts cater to the requirements of Tactical Elevation for applications such as Radio Antenna, Electro-Optic, Anti- Drone and Illumination. These masts can be raised using either a hand crank or a winch power drive, and they are capable of supporting light, medium, and heavy payloads up to 21 metres. Additionally…


Vehicular Roof Top Masts

PEL’s Partha Series of Vehicular Roof Top Mast is specially designed for mid-sized and larger vehicles to support payloads
such as Electro-Optics, Radio antennae, Illumination systems, and others. It easily mounts as a roof top carrier and does not require the end-user to make vehicle modifications for its use.


Building Rooftop Tripod Masts

PEL’s Piyush Series of Building Rooftop Mast is a unique solution to deploy complex electronics such as base station RF front end and antenna of DMR/ TETRA/ LoRA/ LTE/ 5G cellular, Anti-Drone and other such systems required to provide communications in dense…

Pneumatic Masts

PEL’s Piyush Series of Pneumatic Masts address the needs of Tactical Elevation for Radio Antenna, Electro-Optic, Anti-Drone and Illumination. These masts can be elevated by a Foot pump or Air compressor and support light, medium and heavy payloads. This series is capable of supporting up to 25 metres height..


Detachable Masts

PEL’s Kailash Series of Detachable Section Mast is an ideal solution to cater Tactical Elevation requirements in conditions where Man-portability is also desired. The solution comprises a Tripod and Pipe sections of the same length and diameter which are “pushed up” from the Tripod via a hand winch mechanism…


Electromechanical Masts

PEL’s Sanjay Series of Heavy Duty Electro-mechanical Telescopic masts are self supported, vehicle mounted masts. The masts are elevated/ retracted by a Lead Screw (Spindle) which in turn is powered by an electric motor Ideally suited to lift multiple payloads requiring tactical elevation from a vehicular platform.


Tactical Lighting System

PEL’s Tactical Lighting System is meant to cater requirements of Tactical Illumination for Military bases & Field HQs, Border Forces, Critical Infrastructures and Strategic Construction sites. The Lighting System can be powered either by Generator, inverter or commercial electric power. The system caters from 60° to 360° coverage.